Occupational Health & Safety

Full customer satisfaction is our core principle. That is why, we work hard to adapt our systems to changes in customer POs and realise their expectations, without compromising from any detail. A flawless production process and timely deliveries are the main constituents of our policy on quality.

İltaş Marble Ind. we conduct customer briefings on our product ranges, along with flawless production and timely deliveries. We adopt on-going improvement in all our business aspects and prospects, rather than maintenance of our existing conditions, as our fundamental philosophy. We organise and hold on-going training instructions for the qualification of our staff.

We arrange for the best quality at optimum price with our suppliers of raFor Kur Marble Ind., its people are of utmost importance. For our brand lures its power from our human resources. That is why, we ensure that everyone within the organisation merely follows all legislative arrangements and the Company conducts training instructions regularly for its staff on occupational health and safety. Absolutely, no work commences, until all necessary measures are taken in this regard.Our Company identifies and enforces immediately, the necessary set of action to be taken for ensuring occupational health and safety not only by its in-house regular staff but also by those of its suppliers.Safety precautions that not only meet but also exceed the statutory requirements are adopted and implemented at every equipment and workbench unit found at our quarries and manufacturing sites.materials. Our brand symbolises our quality and this is the signature we set for the future.